Release Notes Archive - versions 3.4 to 3.7.1

Release Notes Archive - versions 3.4 to 3.7.1

Postby Ernie » Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:05 pm


• Multiple categories (tags): Each card can now have more than one category per group. Separate tags with a semicolon in import.
• 5 text fields per card not enough? "Text 6" - "Text 8" columns now supported. Use "Card Layout" to map to one of the 5 sides.
• Fixed Google Drive download error


• Import Excel .xslx files
- When using Dropbox, import/export directly to .xlsx files
- Basic Excel formatting can now be imported (bold, underline, italics, superscript, subscript, text color)

• External control
- Use a Bluetooth keyboard or remote to answer while studying
- To enable, see Global Options > Control > Enable External Control

• New sound options (Deck Options > Sound)
- Confirmation sounds: A short sound will be played when answering (based on how you answered)
- Pause long sounds (restart sound from where you last stopped)

• Other
- Short Term Goal: default is to show new (unseen) cards in order
- Cards to study: two new filter options: Answered only, Max # of Cards
- "Show Footer" option now supports by-deck setting
- Flashcard text can now be aligned at top
- New font option: Helvetica Neue Light (iOS 7 system font)
- TTS now supports longer text


• Progress Chart
- tap to show weekly view
- daily progress % now shown

• Statistics - option to exclude slideshow time from "Time Studied"
• Fixed issue with Quizlet picture downloads
• Fixed issue with login

System TTS (API >=14)


- Multiple Choice: new "Play Answer" option
- Spelling: new "Case Sensitive" option


• Multiple Choice updates
- Option to hide answers temporarily (so you can think before looking)
- Option to show detailed answer after a response. See "Show Detail After".
- Long-press question to show card as standard flashcard

• New Timer functions to help develop speed and listening skills (Deck Options > Timers)

• Option to show status bar (time, battery) in study screen. See Global Options > View > Show Status bar


• Shared Library updates
- Create and join groups for easier sharing within a study group or class
- Password protect shared decks
- Comment on other's decks

- Added speed setting
- Added British English
- Download TTS for single card from card edit screen

• Sync
- Added "Sync over wi-fi only" option

• Other updates
- Card Listing: In multi-select mode, you can now select a range of cards (using button at top-right)
- Text alignment: option to right justify


• Sync between devices:
- Use Dropbox to keep decks and statistics in sync across multiple mobile devices
- To turn on, see Global Options > Sync. There is a help button with more details.

• Spaced Repetition updates:
- New "Early Correct Factor" setting. Use higher factors for low interval cards. See in-app help.
- New "Due Cards Priority" setting. Option to show oldest due first (when many due cards)
- Make any card due with new "Due Now" button in card edit > Statistics screen. (This won't affect interval, but you can adjust interval when it's due.)
- Push Back Due Dates: You can now adjust multiple decks at once. This is used to pause studying. Edit > deck > Advanced

• Chinese support - If you have Pleco installed, you'll get a "Launch Pleco" option in the bottom-center study button. First, set the appropriate TTS voice to Chinese (even if not using TTS)
(iOS Only; Android to come. 4/18/2014)

• Other updates
- Love to tap: you can now go back from summary screen
- Quizlet: larger pictures supported
- Dropbox export more efficient: media only exported when required
- TTS: Added European Spanish
- Drawing full screen: added space at bottom to navigate
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