New SR progress meter

New SR progress meter

Postby Ernie » Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:21 am

I've added a new statistic for spaced repetition decks on the main deck listing... progress. See screenshot below. I default to a (user settable) "target interval" of 90 days and calculate progress based on each card's interval vs the target. You can hide this new % so it doesn't show, but I think I'll turn it on by default.

I need to give it more time to see what I think about it, but I think it could be encouraging to see a simple progress meter go up over time.

If you add new cards, this % will go down which might be frustrating, so there is an option to show this as a "score" which won't decrease when adding new cards. This score can range from 0 to your card count.

It seems a little busy along the right will all the text, but you'll now have options to show or hide different items, like card count.

So, anyone have any comment or concern with regard to this? (You'll need to leave any comment in "Comments, Questions and Feedback" forum.)

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