It won't let me upload gifs.

It won't let me upload gifs.

Postby stkelly52 » Wed Sep 01, 2021 4:36 pm

When I try to I get a message saying:
"Sorry! We couldn't upload this image.
Please try again"

It is a 1.33 MB video Gif, and we have tried using both a Chromebook and a Windows 10 Desktop.

any ideas or things to try?
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Re: It won't let me upload gifs.

Postby Ernie » Wed Sep 01, 2021 9:42 pm

Hi. Not sure. Are you trying to upload to my website? In the "upload pictures" page, did you set the "Options" dropdown to "don't convert or resize picture"? If yes, then it seems my website doesn't handle an animation that fancy. I'd try Dropbox/OneDrive/GoogleDoc.

The app will NOT show animated GIFs uploading pictures the normal way. You need to use HTML in a Text column. Example:

Text 1
<img src="fire.gif">

If using Dropbox/OneDrive/GoogleDoc, this should work. If uploading website, the website won't recognize this picture in the text column. You can trick it by including the file name in a picture column. This will allow you to upload it. Side 1 will then be animated, side 2 not, in the example below:

Text 1 | Picture 2
<img src="fire.gif"> | fire.gif
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