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Version 2.8 Submitted

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2011 5:08 am
by Ernie
Below are the release notes:

• Import and export from both Dropbox (non-public) and Google Docs

• Perform full backups and restores using Dropbox (Tap "Edit" on Decks screen to show "Backup / Restore" button at bottom)

• Import text-only flashcards through USB Transfer / iTunes

• Record sound directly from study screen for quick audio adding. (Tap bottom-middle button then "Add Sound")

• Adding text to cards within the app requires less taps now:
- Tap "Next" (or tab) to move quickly to next side
- Tap + to add a new card from card edit screen

• New fade transitions (Global Options > View > Card Animation)

Minor adjustments some may be interested in:
- Dropbox text files can be ASCII, UTF8 or UTF16 encoding
- First column header in text files can now be "Notes" or "Ignore"
- Added back font Heiti Japanese