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Version 2.7.1 submitted

PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:14 am
by Ernie
Unfortunately a few bugs got by in the last release, so I'm releasing a quick update. Oh, and I snuck downloading from Google Docs in there, since it seemed to be working well. I'm currently working on Dropbox and better import/export options in general for the next update.

• Bug fixes, including:
- Fixed crash when viewing help on older devices
- Fixed crash when searching cards shown in reverse order
- Fixed crash related to missing fonts (divide by 0 error)
- Fixed background color when Card Colors set to "Custom" and all sides have same color

• Added option to hide correct/wrong icon flashing at top of screen after answering (Global Options > View > Advanced > Flash Correct/Wrong)
• Added 0.5 seconds as slideshow delay option

• Download from Google Docs (no exporting back to Google Docs yet though)