What's Up - June 2013

What's Up - June 2013

Postby Ernie » Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:40 am

Hi all. The shared library update is basically done. The library’s growing size required some changes to the existing simple design, and I also wanted people to be able to share private decks within a private group. Being that I can now create groups of users, I could use that infrastructure for more social aspects like scores and competition if that ever makes sense for me.

I’ll plan to release a new update in a few weeks. It’s got a variety of other smaller updates done, which I’ll post later with the release notes.

As for future work, one item that I need to address in the next couple months is an update for iOS 7, which will require a decent amount of work. The existing App Store version looks basically the same in iOS 7, but recompiling the app for iOS 7 messes up a lot of the UI, so it all needs to get fixed to look appropriate.

One project I’m interested in is to create a Windows program for creating, editing, and syncing cards. I don’t know how popular it would be, but I think it would be fun for me to take on a brand new challenge. Fun? Yeah, I know, kind of scary. We’ll see what happens. (I don’t have any interest in a Mac version at this time.)

As for other updates, I’ve got some ideas I’m interested in, but I’ll wait until I’m further along before disclosing. There are a ton of small adjustments I’d like to make, so I just chisel away at them over the months, but they don’t generally deserve special mention.

The program has become quite large over the years, and I sometimes wonder if I need to step back and look at it again as a new user would and see what I can make better and easier (including instructions, website, etc). It’s not a fun task, but might be worthwhile.
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