Version 3.2 Submitted

Version 3.2 Submitted

Postby Ernie » Mon May 28, 2012 10:30 pm

Below are the release notes for the new version I just submitted. This update should be available in about 10 days.

• Export decks to Quizlet. (Pictures cannot be exported yet.)

• New export option to exclude TTS sound files when exporting media. (You will need to redownload TTS sounds if you want to take advantage of this new feature.)

• Spaced Repetition updates
- "Repeat Missed" option now applicable. Defaults to "Next Round", but can be set to "15 minutes", etc.
- New option called "Late Review Adjustment". If on, reviewing a card late will increase the next interval a bit more when correct. See in-app help for more details.
- iPad bug fix - Postpone/Next Review commands did not work correctly in some cases

• Other updates
- When updating a deck, existing notes will now be saved (carried forward)
- Flashcard Exchange - Can now search by multiple keywords
- Slowed down iSpeech TTS sounds a bit
- TTS - added Greek and Arabic
- Spelling - swipe left will now mark card as correct and move on. Swipe down to give up and mark wrong.
- Drawing - iPad bug fix - iOS 5.1.1 caused the drawing feature to stop working on iPads. Drawing area is now a little smaller in landscape and full-screen.
- Added "Statistics" button back to the card listing screen (in addition to the existing location at bottom of Deck listing)
- Many other little fixes and improvements
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