Version 3.1 Submitted

Version 3.1 Submitted

Postby Ernie » Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:05 pm

Hi Everyone. Below are the release notes. This update should be available in about 10 days.

• Improved statistic reports - tap on the new icon at the bottom of the main deck listing screen.

• App Colors - change the overall color scheme of the app. Global Options > App Colors. There are a few predefined options, plus the ability to create a custom color scheme.

• Preview single card - In the card listing screen, press and hold a row to view as a flashcard

• Notes vs Extra Info - Notes are now shown in an editable view with keyboard for quick editing. There is a new field called "Extra Info" which shows text in a full screen html view, like the old Notes were shown. In your text import, use the column header "Extra Info" to use this new field. As a temporary feature, you can move your existing Notes to this new field by going to the deck edit screen then tapping "Advanced".

• Card listing - Added a filter for cards with notes (makes them easy to find)

• Drawing - Added option to disable "double-tap to clear" behavior

• Spaced Repetition updates
- New "Postpone" command in study screen - delay the card but don't change the current interval
- Better randomization in certain situations
- Cards now shown in exact order if "Cards Become New" set to "In Order"

• TTS updates
- Added Cantonese (Chinese) and Brazilian Portuguese
- Ignore text in parenthesis - option in TTS options (defaults to off)
- Added support to create a pause with html: vtml_pause time="2000"/>

• Slideshow - added ability to "lock" screen when putting in pocket. Tap bottom-center button in browse, then "Lock Screen"

• Other updates:
- Added sound option to respect mute switch
- Card layouts can now specify which side to copy to the pasteboard
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