What's Up - January 2012

What's Up - January 2012

Postby Ernie » Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:35 am

I've been working on my other iOS app recently, Easy Note.

I was interested in a possible sync feature for flashcards deluxe, so I figured I'd play around with iCloud on Easy Note, and if it worked well I could possibly copy the code over. After getting it mostly all working, I ended scraping the whole iCloud thing and moving to Dropbox to help perform the sync. iCloud is just too closed off and it just didn't give me that warm fuzzy feeling I wanted. Now I've got a good sync going (I think so) using Dropbox for the notes app, and my current work with Easy Note is done.

So, now I'm back to Flashcards Deluxe again. Most of my near-term work will probably be just refining many parts of my app. Not too exciting for me or you, but good to get done. I'll make time for an interesting new feature though.
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