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2 new features - Multiple Choice / Timer - Feedback welcome

PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 7:23 pm
by Ernie
Many people have been asking about multiple choice and I finally got the basics programmed. I'm interested in what features people are looking for. I haven't made any "games" (whatever that might entail) out of multiple choice yet, but I think there is some possibilities there for future updates. Anyway, if you have any feedback, post in the Feedback forum.

-- Multiple Choice --

Below are the 3 options I currently have set up:

Max Options - number of options to choose from (2-5, default = 4)

Limit Options to Category - defaults to "Off", but you can select Category 1, for example, and the choices will be limited to those cards with the same category as the question.

Next Card After Wrong - If "On", then answering incorrectly will show you the correct answer and automatically move to the next card. Default is "Off", which means you much answer correctly to move to the next card (though it still counts as "wrong" if you didn't get it right on the first guess)

I don't keep track of time spent answering cards. This might be useful to see how long the test took when you got to the end. Maybe this will wait for a future update if people want it.

-- Response Timer --

I also added a timer which just works on a single card at a time. Say the timer is set to 6 seconds. If you haven't answered or flipped the card in 6 seconds, a timer icon flashes just to let you know that time is up. You can use this to help decide how you answer (wrong, correct, strong). This feature does not work with multiple choice, as I'm not sure if it's a useful combination. Also, I still don't save response time as part of statistics.

Re: 2 new features - Multiple Choice / Timer - Feedback wel

PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:38 pm
by Ernie
Some people requested that the card be forced as "wrong" if the timer expires. This would be an easy addition, I think. I would leave the timer icon up on the screen so you knew that meant the card would be answered wrong, regardless of how you ended up swiping.