Release Notes - English 1.1

Release Notes - English 1.1

Postby Ernie » Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:44 pm

Version 1.1 / 3.4

• Sync between devices:
- Use Dropbox to keep decks and statistics in sync across multiple mobile devices
- To turn on, see Global Options > Sync. There is a help button with more details.

• Spaced Repetition updates:
- New "Early Correct Factor" setting. Use higher factors for low interval cards. See in-app help.
- New "Due Cards Priority" setting. Option to show oldest due first (when many due cards)
- Make any card due with new "Due Now" button in card edit > Statistics screen. (This won't affect interval, but you can adjust interval when it's due.)
- Push Back Due Dates: You can now adjust multiple decks at once. This is used to pause studying. Edit > deck > Advanced

• Other updates
- Love to tap: you can now go back from summary screen
- Quizlet: larger pictures supported
- Dropbox export more efficient: media only exported when required
- TTS: Added European Spanish

iOS version will be released around May 1st (after Apple has approved it).
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