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Upload to library only without pictures

PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2021 1:41 pm
by Raffler
I made several stacks of Flashcards on my PC and used Links for Pictures.
Importing to my phone with Code via the Website worked perfectly.

When uploading to the public library, unfortunatly all pictures go missing, reuploading does not work, neither does renaming deleting and reupload.
Is this supposed to be like this?

How can i have pictures uploaded to the Public Library?

BR Raffler

Re: Upload to library only without pictures

PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, 2021 5:50 am
by Ernie
Hi Raffler,

I'm really sorry for the slow response.

I agree there is a problem. I didn't know about this. The shared library is not working with URL links for pictures.

I need to look into this further and figure out how I want to solve this. I'm expecting to release a new version in about 2 weeks, and I'll make sure I have this fixed for then. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for letting me know.