Any chance we could get toki pona glyphs working?

Any chance we could get toki pona glyphs working?

Postby Nanshen » Fri Jun 11, 2021 8:27 pm

So there's this great OTF font for toki pona which converts latin text into sitelen pona:

I tried it out in FCD, but no joy; it still shows latin text.

So I managed to do some scripting and automation stuff to convert about 250 glyphs and compound glyphs into pictures, which is great for learning how to read and write... but now I'm feeling greedy and want to use this excellent font to natively display whole sentences, and maybe for spelling input as well.

Just thought I'd toss this up here to make you aware.

Also, I know you wanna keep FCD simple, but when are we gonna get unscramble and fill-in-the-blank modes for sentences and words? These two features would make FCD next level.

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Re: Any chance we could get toki pona glyphs working?

Postby Ernie » Mon Jun 14, 2021 4:27 pm


I don't understand what's up with that fancy font, but I installed on iOS and got it to "work". Do you have iOS? To install, you can add a "private deck" with deck code "

I created a test card with deck code "linja", which uses the custom font. I see four of it's custom font pictures.

I didn't try on Android. If you want me to test it out, let me know.

Unscramble and Fill-in-the-blank. Well, These are things I'm somewhat interested in, but a low-to-medium priority for at this time. I'm currently working on updates to "shared library". Updates seem to be coming slow, but I'll continue chiseling away at it all.
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