How to sync statistics?

How to sync statistics?

Postby kyj » Tue Apr 27, 2021 3:37 am

First of all, I want to thank you for making an incredible app. I love your app :D
English is not my native language so my words might sound weird...

Anyway, I have a question.
I memorized decks on my iPad and I wanted them to be transferred to iPhone.
So I signed up for your app server and tried sync.
Then the decks duplicated in my iPad and the decks without statistics were generated in my iPhone, too.
The decks that were duplicated after sync work well( getting automatically synced) but decks that I made before signing up and syncing are not getting automatically synced.

I want the statistics of the decks that I made before on my iPad to be transferred to my iPhone. How can I do it?

Also, is it something to do with the settings?
settings>sync> decks to sync

There are three options.
Cloud only
Cloud+ local
local only
What is the difference what option should I select?

Also, If I edit decks and images on my phone is that automatically synced?
I use Excel and Dropbox to make decks.

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Re: How to sync statistics?

Postby Ernie » Tue Apr 27, 2021 8:25 am


In the "decks" screen, look carefully along the right side for a thin light-gray bar... decks that are being sync'd should have this.

Let's assume you have "Spanish" on device 1 and device 2. Device 1 is the latest version. You turn on sync on device 1 and choose "decks to sync" = "Spanish" from local. Sync to cloud.

On device 2, go to decks to sync, and you should see "Spanish" in the "Cloud only" section. This is from device 1. Turn this on and sync.
On device 2, you now have TWO decks named "Spanish", the new deck that is being synced, and your old version. You can DELETE the old version.

Does this help?

You will continue to update flashcards from Dropbox as you normally do. That will update one of your devices. The sync should then run later and move the changes to the other device. You shouldn't have to worry about this part.
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Re: How to sync statistics?

Postby Guest » Tue Apr 27, 2021 10:56 pm

Thank you:)
I solved the problem.
I deleted all the app server data and tried it again and it worked well!

Also, about my Second question, I mean, if I edit my decks on my phone and then later update my decks with dropbox and excel files, the parts that I edited on the phone got rewritten by the excel file, or do they stay? Should I have to edit all the things on my computer so that they don't get rewritten?

Re: How to sync statistics?

Postby Ernie » Thu Apr 29, 2021 8:41 pm

As for your second question, yes, they will get overwritten. The app won't merge changes made in both the app and in Excel. You need to have a single master version. If you make changes in the app, you'll likely want to export to Excel first before editing your Excel file. (This is overwrite your original Excel file, so be aware of this.). Or you'll need to make your edits twice.
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