combined decks and cards to study bug?

combined decks and cards to study bug?

Postby kraemder » Tue Jan 19, 2021 10:36 am

I think I've encountered a small bug. I'm using combined decks and the cards to study, streak=0 to review missed cards. I'm using the "Ordered" option to just flip through them and mark them right or wrong. It's a nice way to review cards you get wrong without stressing too much. It's a combined deck. The bug is that the combined deck doesn't recheck the cards to study stats each time you open it. So if I go into the original deck to do some reviews and then back to the combined deck to review the missed cards some more, it won't update itself until I go into card order and change it to something else (and then back to ordered again). I hope I'm making sense. It's actually not complicated but I might not be explaining well.
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Re: combined decks and cards to study bug?

Postby Ernie » Wed Jan 20, 2021 6:16 am

Hi kraemder,

Well, it's less of a bug and more of just how the app works. When you start a new set, the app figures out which cards to show you (1 of 60, for example). If you change statistics for these cards using the base deck directly, yes, nothing gets updated when you return to the combination deck. Some app's may re-figure what card to show next after each card. But I'm showing "1 of 60", and I don't re-calc until the end. If you want to re-calc, then your method is what I would suggest. I don't have any plans to add logic to test for possible changes outside of combo deck that would affect current set of cards and then auto-refresh.
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