Deck Options - Repeat Missed option with Spaced Repetition

Deck Options - Repeat Missed option with Spaced Repetition

Postby zeppo » Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:55 am

I searched for an answer to a question I have, but what I found was in a 2012 post of yours. So I want to be sure I understand correctly how the Repeat Missed option will affect decks set for Spaced Repetition. I want my missed cards to appear again according to how Spaced Repetition says they should appear. In your 2012 post you said that the Repeat Missed setting is ignored with Spaced Repetion, which makes sense and is what I want. But you also said that previously answered wrong cards that have come due will appear first in the next study round, ahead of any that are due but were last answered correctly. I'd rather not have this, and instead just have them all appear randomly with in the study session. Would changing the Repeat Missed setting to Off ensure this?
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Re: Deck Options - Repeat Missed option with Spaced Repetiti

Postby Ernie » Mon Jan 18, 2021 7:02 am

Hi. Spaced Repetition does have a repeat missed setting. Yes, you can turn this OFF if you don't want any EXTRA testing of your missed cards. When OFF, the cards will be reviewed when the next interval is up, as usual. For example, if a card's interval is 6 days and you get it wrong, the new interval will generally be 3 days (0.5 multiplier), so you'll get tested again in 3 days.
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