couple comments

couple comments

Postby Mark » Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:17 am

First off I just want to say THANKS for such an AWESOME PRODUCT!!!! But there's always room for improvements/changes.

Anyways here is my 2 cents =)

I LOVE how easy it is to add photo's to the cards, that's AWESOME!! Now how about video =)

the other comment would be something that seems a bit difficult. Once I get all my cards added to a deck, and I only want to start with specific cards and then slowly include more and more into what I'm studying. I've been able to do it by excluding cards, and then slowly going in and including them. But it seems as if it would be easier to have a place where all cards in the deck show up with a check box next to them, and you simply select which ones you want to be included, excluded.

Anyways, GOOD WORK!!!

Re: couple comments

Postby Ernie » Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:50 am

Hi Mark. Thanks.

Video... yeah, but not anytime soon.

For filtering cards, try using categories:
1) create two categories: "Include" and "Exclude". (From card listing screen, tap View, Categories, then add here.)
2) Assign cards to categores. I have a "bulk assign" feature... from the card listing screen, tap "Mode" (at bottom), Multi-select. You can now tap (check) the cards you want to include, then tap "Mode" again, Set Category 1, then "Include". You can probably leave the other cards without a category. (Using a filter, then bulk select all, you can select all cards without a category and assign to "Exclude" if you want.)
3) Now to do the filtering, from the study screen, tap the (i) in the top right to view Study Options, and choose "Cards to Study". Check off only "Include". Now when you study you should only see these cards. You can add more cards to the "Include" category whenever you want.

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