Decks Will Not Open

Decks Will Not Open

Postby Ccorreia814 » Mon May 29, 2023 9:20 pm

I use the Flashcards Deluxe app 4.59 on my iPadPro 11” 3rd Gen running iOS 16.5. My decks sync from DropBox fine however I cannot open them and use them as I do on my iPhone. Any ideas on why this is happening or suggestions for troubleshooting?
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Re: Decks Will Not Open

Postby Ernie » Wed May 31, 2023 12:18 pm


The app can import/export between the app and Dropbox. Importing is done through the + (add deck) button.

The app also has a "sync" feature, which is designed to help keep multiple devices in sync. This is independent of import/export that I mentioned above. Sometimes people use the term "sync" for what I would consider as "import/export".

Sync options are located in the app at:
Global Options > Sync

Is this what you are using (in order to keep your two devices in sync)? If yes, I recommend you switch to the "App Server" version of the sync, instead of Dropbox. App Server sync is fully automatic. Dropbox is not. To switch, go to Sync screen and select "Sync Location"...

If you are not using Sync yet, and just used Dropbox for import/export so far, I recommend you use the App Server sync to help keep your two devices in sync. Again, this sync is independent of a standard import/export, which is used to add new decks to the app.

Create a sync account, then tap "Decks to Sync" on the device that has the latest version of the decks. Turn on decks, then sync to server. (Use button to manually sync. Opening/closing app will also sync.) On your second device, go to Decks to Sync and select the decks that exist on the server. Sync. Everything should now be connected. Decks that are currently syncing will show an arrow at the right in the main deck listing screen.
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