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Re: Export combination deck

Post by Matina » Sun Sep 26, 2021 8:25 am

Hi Ernie,
Sorry about the delay!
I haven't quite figured out how to do what I need with advanced layouts, but I think I'll just write a how-to document on creating the combination decks the kids will need. There's the added benefit that they (or, more likely, their parents) learn some basics of Flashcards Deluxe.
Best regards, Matina

Re: Export combination deck

Post by Ernie » Wed Sep 01, 2021 9:46 pm

OneDrive/Dropbox/GoogleDoc are all free, but I don't think this will help you much.
As I mentioned, you can export the combo deck exporting by "email". But you might need one of the above to download/install. And also, as I mentioned, you can't run "download/update" on a combo deck, so I don't know how it will help you with your students.

Re: Export combination deck

Post by Ernie » Wed Sep 01, 2021 8:58 pm

Hi Matina,

The way to export a combo deck's settings is to export a non-combo deck, and added the combo to the list of decks to export. This also works with "Email", so you can try that out.

But, I'm not sure this will help you. First, you can can't export these to Shared Library or "App Server" (with deck code). Secondly, the combo deck won't auto-link to "base deck" on import, so you'd have to do that manually. And you can't run "download/update" on a combo deck.

My question to you is... why do you feel the need to use a combo deck? It seems like students just running "download/update" on the main deck daily would work fine, and keep things simple. (I assume this could be done either from "App Server" or "Shared Library". If sending to Shared Library, there is a new option to "export additions deck options" (which will export "card order" settings).

If you are wanting the kids to be able to switch between "all cards" and "homework" cards easily (for example), maybe turn "advanced layout" on and you can have one layout called "all cards" and one called "homework" and set the options for each layout (instead of using a combo deck). The kids can then easily toggle each on/off as they see fit. Note that these "layouts" are different than "card layouts". You mention you already use "advanced layout settings", so not sure what you mean by that.

Export combination deck

Post by Guest » Tue Aug 31, 2021 12:49 pm

Hi Ernie,
I came across an old post from 2012,
Re: copy of combination deck (or any)
and was wondering if you got around to providing a way of exporting combination decks preferably into a text file. I have a normal deck with about 1000 notes of vocabulary that I want a bunch of school kids to have. Because they get a set of vocabs to study on each day, I've set up category 1 to either be undefined (the default) or be set to "homework", and to be changed from"homework" to "studied" on the following day. The main deck uses "cards to learn" with category 1 not undefined. So that takes care of the use it or lose it aspect.

I created a combination deck with just the main deck checked. This is set to Leitner and shows only the cards set as "homework". As has the main deck, it also has a bunch of advanced layout settings.

Then there is category 2, which has the unit the word or phrase is from. I again created a combination deck and set that to study based on the units in category 2. This will be helpful in preparation for tests. Again lots of advanced layout settings.

Is there any way I can export these combination decks and provide them for importing? I tried the steps described in the above mentioned post, but I have neither Google drive nor Dropbox I couldn't test. I'll look into getting one of them, maybe there's a trial period, but wanted to check if things are already sorted and I am my good old blind self, not finding the option to check.

Best regards, Matina