new feature request - multiple flag types

new feature request - multiple flag types

Postby markpete » Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:27 am

First, thank you for your work on this app!! It's a real contribution to the tools available to language learners. I've been using it A LOT over the past 5-10 years to improve my Chinese vocabulary and find it very helpful.

Second, a request / suggestion for future development: It would be great to be able to have different types of flags, similar to what's available in Microsoft Outlook. I generally use the flags to mark cards where I've seen an error in the card that needs to be corrected. But I'd also like to flag cards that I have a lot of trouble with (e.g. I keep getting it wrong for months and months every time the interval gets to be longer than a few days) so I can target them specifically. So two (or more) types of flags would be helpful.


Re: new feature request - multiple flag types

Postby Ernie » Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:02 pm

Hi Mark,

I likely won't be adding a second flag. Are you using Notes? For cards that need to be corrected, enter a note. One advantage of this is that you be more descriptive on what needs to be fixed when you later go back. In card listing, you can filter on cards with notes to see what corrections need to be made. One downside is that it's not easy to clear notes, so clearing each note individually as you process them can be a little tedious.

One feature than might make it in is to be able to quickly assign a card to a category from the study screen. Assuming you are not using all Category 1-4 sets, this would also seem to solve your problem, but not sure when I might get to this.

Glad to hear you've been putting the app to good use over the past 5+ years. Thanks!
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