finding most repeated cards

finding most repeated cards

Postby manjade » Tue Jun 22, 2021 3:25 am

Hi, I am sure this must be in the app somewhere, but I am not sure where
I am trying to find which cards I get wrong most frequently (the ones which keep coming back again and again :roll: ) so that I can change them to make them better (ie more memorable) - is there a filter in there to weed out these tricky cards?
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Re: finding most repeated cards

Postby Ernie » Wed Jun 23, 2021 11:23 am

Hi Alastair,

Probably the best way to filter is to use Deck Options > Cards to Study.
I don't have a "% correct" filter at this time, but try the following:

Streak <= 1
Review Count >= 4

This will show cards that you've answered at least 4 times, but you've missed in one of the past two reviews.
Or you can try "Streak = 0" to show cards you missed on last review.

If you are using Spaced Repetition, another option would be to set Interval to something like "<=3 days" and Review Count to something like ">=4".

Now let's view these cards in Card Listing. Go to card listing screen and tap "Filter" at bottom-right, then "Cards to Study". You should be looking at these "difficult cards". You can edit here. If you'd like to export to your computer, you'll need some way to flag these cards. One option would be to assign a category to these cards, which will be easy to see in Excel. Tap "View" and create a new category. Then to assign this category to all these cards, tap Mode, Multi-Select, Mode, Select all, Mode, Set Category...

Hopefully this will work OK for you.
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