A thousand days working with the app!

A thousand days working with the app!

Postby momix » Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:57 am

Hi Ernie,
today I finished day 1000 working with the app. It is by far the most important app in my daily routines learning Portuguese as a new language. And it is worth all the time I had to spend feeding the database, learning the words and phrases on a daily bases and continue refining the vocabulary.
I also like to share some statistics and like to invite others to share their experiences in this thread.

Total number of entries: 4.800 (one entry includes normally more than 1 word or phrases)
Average repetitions/day: 47
Average time/day: 13 min
Average of new words per day: 3 (depends on your personal settings and available time)
Average percentage of correct answers: 85%
Average percentage regarding intervals: < 3 months: 498, < 6 months: 626, > 6 months: 2248, still 1100 entries in status "new/pending"

For me the concept of this app works really well, definitely improves my skills and keeps me going every single day!

Thanks a lot!
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Re: A thousand days working with the app!

Postby Ernie » Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:14 am

HI momix,

Thank you for sharing! What a great post. I'm thrilled that the app is working well for you and that you are finding it so useful. Good luck on your Portuguese studies!
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Re: A thousand days working with the app!

Postby Andreas » Sat Dec 21, 2019 9:44 am

Hi Ernie
I've been using FCD for almost a year now. Thanks a lot for creating and maintaining it! I use the cards to capture and memorize concepts that we are tought at university. By creating the cards I force myself to grasp the essence of the lectures that I attend. Later, just before the exam, I use the cards to refresh the concepts in my memory. It's great that one can include pictures through Google Drive very easily. I usually add screenshots of our lecturer's power point slides.
Happy holidays!!

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