About Multiple Currect Answer

About Multiple Currect Answer

Postby turgutbekil » Wed Oct 30, 2019 11:52 pm

Hello ErniE;

Is there a feature in hand to anable blew scenario ? =

Imagine a card:
Text 1 = cede
Text 2 = abandon, concede, consent, deliver, forgo, give, grant, impart, leave, relinquish, render, surrender, vacate, waive, yield, x

Text 1 = exuberance
Text 2 = enthusiasm, glee, gush, happiness, hilarity, life, merriment, prodigality, verve, vigour, vitality, zest, x

Im going to prepare this a 1 line in excel ( 1 line = 1 card) and upload as card. And then when I am using multiple choice with a setting that : ask = text1 , answer= text2,
can it ask me questions by splitting the text2 (1 word each time) ?

For example ;

its going to ask me : cede (Text1) , answers => bandon / concede / enthusiasm / glee / x . (see that app has splitted the text two with comma(,) and made a random mix of those words as answer options. So here also multiple correct answer is possible. For example for this question if I chose: bandon or concede or x it will accept this as correct. if I chose enthusiasm or glee then its worng.

I wonder this :)

If there ise not such a feature than I have to do this like this =

Text 1 = cede
Text 2 = abandon,

Text 1 = cede
Text 2 = concede

Text 1 = cede
Text 2 = consent,

*********** etc. means alot of cards. and in this stuation, the common text2="x" will make confusion.

thank you
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Re: About Multiple Currect Answer

Postby Ernie » Thu Oct 31, 2019 5:29 am

Hi turgut,

The app can't do this.

You can have multiple correct answers, but this is designed so that you must select say both (2) correct answers to continue. It will show all your correct answers (likely no more than 3) and you must tap them all to continue.

The app won't split an answer up and show a random one from the list. I don't have any plans at this time to support such a feature.

I think you'll have a potential problem with your last example:

Text 1 = cede
Text 2 = abandon

Text 1 = cede
Text 2 = concede

What if the following card was shown. The problem is with the possible answer "concede" :

question = cede

answer options:

abandon (assume correct)
concede (this will be wrong because it's the answer for a different card, even though logically it should also be correct.. it's random whether this may show up, but with a lot of cards, it could be unlikely)
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Re: About Multiple Currect Answer

Postby turgutbekil » Sun Nov 03, 2019 8:13 am

Hello Ernie,

Yes if that feature is not supported then need to split the words to multiple cards. But yes ofcourse there is possible problem as you mentioned. it can accept it wrong due to its blonging to another card even if its a correct answerd --- if card amount is alot less possibility to coinside like this.

Thank you :)
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