Tagging specific cards?

Tagging specific cards?

Postby barrabuses » Thu Sep 19, 2019 7:02 am


I have an electronics study deck that has about 4000 cards in it, but there are about 500 cards inside of it which are all related to "Fourier". Is there any way that I can just study the Fourier related cards but it still update the SRS statistics of the main deck? Like is there a way to add tag/category to individual cards and create a "study filter"?


Re: Tagging specific cards?

Postby Ernie » Thu Sep 19, 2019 6:47 pm

I recommend you assign categories to cards.
If you are creating your cards on your computer, create a column for "Category 1" and assign it a value of "Fourier" for these 400 cards.
You'll then likely have column headers for Text 1, Text 2, and Category 1
If you are not familiar with updating existing flashcard decks from cloud, let me know.

In the app, you can add new categories from the card edit/detail screen. Tap "Category 1" and tap + to add a new category. To check off a category to assign it to a card. To assign multiple cards to a category at once, you can use the "Mode" button at the bottom of the card listing screen.

To then filter, you go to Deck Options > Cards to Study.
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