Word-match setting

Word-match setting

Postby Ainalisu » Thu Nov 28, 2019 5:30 pm

Hi Ernie!

Firstly, I have been using your app for years now. Sometimes I'll be on it for hours and not notice the time go by. I have it installed on three devices and will probably soon add it to a fourth. It is beyond perfect for my studies - thanks so much for making it!

I was wondering if you might consider making a word matching option (where there's two groups and you match the correct definitions between groups) in the future? Sometimes I have words / Chinese characters I get confused between, and even if I make a deck with just those cards, I find I'm still going through them one at a time and it doesn't really create the same long-term memory that comparing them all at the same time side-by-side would. I'm finding that with these sets of cards, I'm having to use pen and paper to write and memorise them (and ironically I've also created paper flashcards in the past for this purpose).

I understand this option wouldn't work great on phones after, say, three pairs on the screen, although it might work out on tablets?

Let me know either way. Thanks! =)
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Re: Word-match setting

Postby Ernie » Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:45 pm

Hi Ainalisu,

I don't have any plans for such a matching game at this time.

I wanted to think more about your issue but haven't yet. I also study Chinese and also get confused between certain similar characters. I can see how seeing both at the same time for testing could be useful. It would seem that in addition to a matching game, you'd need to be able to tell the app to group certain characters so that they would be shown together. I don't know how I might want to address this need yet. I'll give it some more thought, hopefully not too far away, and plan to get back to you here with any ideas I might have.
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