Questions regarding restore from App Server

Questions regarding restore from App Server

Postby booff76 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 1:22 am

Hi Ernie,

This is the first time i'm writing here. First of all, allow me to express my gratitude for the app you have made here.
I have used it daily for several years and I love it!

I have an issue though, and cannot figure out what to do. Situation is this:
1) I have an older manual backup made to Onedrive
2) Automatic Sync is enabled in the app and set up against the "App Server"
3) All my statistics for 1000+ cards has somehow disappeared and all decks are showing as new decks.

How can I access one of the older sync files on the App Server and use it to run a restore like I can if I sync to e.g. Onedrive?

Thanks for a great product.

best regards Bo
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Re: Questions regarding restore from App Server

Postby Ernie » Fri Oct 25, 2019 1:32 am

Hi Bo,

You have the "App Server" sync turned on. I don't know why your statistics would have all disappeared. Did anything out of the ordinary happen that you did or noticed before your statistics were deleted? Just one day you woke up all statistics were gone? (This sounds very disturbing.)

I don't have a way to restore from an older time period from App Server.

If you originally had say 100 cards saved of App Server with statistics, they still should be there, unless the app somehow thought that cards that were missing statistics were the "new" version and all sent to server for storage.

Do you have a second device? You can try to turn on sync, go to Decks to Sync, "Cloud Only" section, and download of your decks. Do you get statistics data back?

You mentioned OneDrive backup, but I'm not sure why, unless you were just making a comment that with OneDrive you could have a old backup that you could potentially restore from.

If you want, you can email me at and give me your account email address and I can look to see what I have on my server for you.
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