White backgrounds

White backgrounds

Postby johnerossi » Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:57 am


I am checking out the Lite version, in order to consider the iPad version for my daughter. Seems great so far.

I noticed this appp on a demo iPad at BestBuy and it had white background with black text - is this layout/preference something I would only see on the iPad or Deluxe version and is not possible on the Lite version. If it is on the Lite, then I am missing something. Also, I want to use the app to help my daughter learn her spelling words, but of course if you are learning how to spell a word, a flash card that shows the word, wouldn't help much. So I've thought the best way to do this is to record an audio of the word which will play when the screen is tapped (perhaps an icon or word initiates this) and the space below can provide a place to handwrite the word. The swiping will reveal the correct spelling and so on, like any other flash card. Does this seem like a good use of this app and the audio feature it has?

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Re: White backgrounds

Postby Ernie » Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:09 pm

Hi John,

You change to a white background. At the main Decks screen, tap the (i) in the top left, tap Flashcard Colors, then "Black on White".

Yes, your scenario sounds good. You can record a sound on Side 1 then have the word on side two. Do you how to do this? If there is audio, a play button will show in the center of the screen which you can tap to play. If you double tap this, it will toggle auto-play on off. To turn the drawing feature on, from the study screen, tap the (i) in the top right to view Study Options, then tap Drawing and turn side 1 and 2 to ON.

Let me know if you have a problems or issues with getting it all to work.


P.S. You might want to have the sound replayed on side 2. You can do this using the "Card Layout" functionality... use Custom 1 and assign "Sound 1" to side 2. It a bit tricky to set up, but keep it mind as an option.
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