Questions regarding Spaced Repetition

Questions regarding Spaced Repetition

Postby flashcard_newbie » Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:53 am

Hi Everyone,

I am new to FlashCard Deluxe, and don't understand the following issue. Here's the set-up.

I have 72 cards in my deck. I would like to test just 5 new cards at a time and am therefore using the default settings for Spaced Repetition.

Day 1: I start the testing, pick new cards. Flash Deluxe quizes me on just 5 new cards. After I get each card right 3 times, it gives me a summary of my results. So far so good.
Day 2: same thing. All good.
Day 3: I started the quiz, but had to stop in the middle after a few minutes. When I went back to FlashDeluxe, it only quizzed me on each of the 5 cards one time, not 3 times. I picked another set of 5 new cards, and got the same thing. It only tests me one time per card.

Is this a bug, or do I have to set a different setting? All I want is to get, e.g. 5 cards a day, and test them 3 times each.



Re: Questions regarding Spaced Repetition

Postby Ernie » Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:04 pm

I'm not sure what is going on, but let me give you some background.

Cards have different statuses: Pending, New, Active.
At the beginning, it changes 5 cards from Pending to New and tests you on them. If you get a card correct 3 times in a row, it becomes "Active". If you get a new card correct twice, exit, them come back, you only need to get it correct one more time for it to become Active and leave your New-Card study deck.

When you start a new session, the app will ask if you want to study New cards or Active cards (assuming both exist). If you are studying Active cards, you will be tested once (if you get it correct), then tested again after its interval is up (e.g. in a couple days). The main study routine is stuyding active cards... you get a card correct, and it's interval will increase and you'll be tested again at a later date. The "new card" feature is a special routine at the beginning just to get you familiar with the cards before the normal cycle begins.

If you always choose "new cards" when you start a study session, then each should always be tested at least 3 times. Notice that after you get a card correct 3 times, a new card will replace it, so the app won't limit your studying to just 5 cards. If you really just want to study five cards, you can use categories to assign groups of 5 and turn them on one at a time, I suppose.

Sorry I don't know exactly how to answer your question, but maybe the above will help.

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