Omitting swiped up cards

Omitting swiped up cards

Postby silverwolf » Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:24 am

I just had a quick question, I just recently purchased the deluxe version and I love it! Just was a little confused about one thing that I'm sure I just overlooked somewhere. I had a rather large deck that I was going through and as I was going through them I was swiping up if I knew them (and didn't want to see them again), to the right (if I knew them but wanted to see them again), and down (if I didn't know them and wanted to see them more often). Was I correct in my swiping and thinking? Then I reached the end of the deck and it started over again which was perfect. However while going through them again it didn't omit the ones that I had swiped up. Is there a way to do this? I looked through the settings a couple of times but couldn't find anything that would make the cards that I swiped up not show up again. Ideally (and this is why I thought the swiping integration was designed) I would like to keep going through the deck over and over omitting the swiped up cards until there are no longer any cards in my deck because they have all been swiped up. Then I can reset the deck and all come back. If I'm wrong in my thinking (which I often am ( :) could you explain how the swiping does work? Thanks for your time and none-the-less I love the way you've done the flashcards.
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Re: Omitting swiped up cards

Postby Ernie » Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:44 am

Hi Silverwolf,

Card scheduling depends on your "Card Order" setting. If Ordered or Random, you will get every card every round.
Short Term Goal probably a good setting for you, but cards don't get excluded after an up swipe. Instead they just get shown less often.

A couple settings you might be interested in:
Repeat Missed = "YES" - This will show missed cards even more
Card Order > Short Term Goal Settings > Target Streak - If you set this 2, then you might get what you want.

Up: streak + 2
Right: streak + 1
Down: streak = 0

After all cards are excluded (streak >= 2), you can reset all cards by: at main screen tap Edit, the deck, Clear Statistics, turn Streak ON then clear.

Another more simple option is just to leave the Card Order as Random and turn Repeat Missed on. In this case though, UP swipe is the same as LEFT swipe, so not as powerful.

Let me know if this is confusing. I'm not feeling well now so going to bed. I'll try to help more later if you need it, so let me now.

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