Select only a few new cards to study in both directions

Select only a few new cards to study in both directions

Postby sontung » Sat Aug 24, 2019 6:16 am

Dear Ernie. I have used Flashcards Deluxe for many years and I am a true fan. But I have a problem that has frustrated me for years and I need a simple solution. My problem is this: I have several BIG English / Spanish private decks, text and audio only, no fancy pictures or multiple choice questions and I am using advanced layout to study in both directions. Layout 1 is English to Spanish and Layout 2 is Spanish to English. It works perfectly and I love it! My problem is that I want to give one of these large private decks to someone else. Then this person could view all pending / new cards and multi-select about 10 cards of their choice to learn, studying both English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Then when they are ready to learn more cards, they would select another 10 cards of their choice and study all 20 cards in both directions until they know them well. Then add 10 more cards etc. until they have added all the cards in the deck. Now here is my problem: no matter what I have tried, you ALWAYS have to study ALL the English to Spanish cards before you are given even one Spanish to English card. This means that if a deck has 1000 cards in it, then it will be months before you get your first Spanish to English card. Please tell me a solution to my problem, it is VERY important to me. Thanks Ernie.
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Re: Select only a few new cards to study in both directions

Postby Ernie » Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:57 pm

Hi Sontung,

Starting about 6 months ago, the app can now show both directions of the same card, instead of waiting until layout 1 has finished before starting layout 2.

In order for this to work, a few settings need to be a certain way:
1) spaced repetition on (card order)
2) card range NOT used (in cards to study). (Not sure if I an add support for this in the future.)
3) Cards Become New set to one of the two "In Order" options

If the above holds true (which are default spaced repetition options), then you should see both directions of each card as you study the new cards. Does this work for you?

What I'm a little confused about in your description is adding 10 cards at a time. If you use the "card range" option, then you won't get what you are looking for. If you instead flag the 10 cards you want to study and then set Cards to Study > Flagged > Flagged Only, then you should get just your flagged cards from study. In this case, it doesn't seem to matter if the app goes through all layout 1 first (old behavior) since you are only focused on a limited number of new cards at a time.
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